Discover the benefits of using these hair masks

Our hair is always exposed to abuse and damage; for example, the sun's rays, dyes, dried and let's not even talk about those strong climatic changes that damage the beauty of our hair. For that and more, we must give our hair a salon care or simply use excellent products at home like the ones we will show you below.


1. Treatment based on natural essences

The combination of certified organic raw shea butter, black castor oil and ingredients such as peppermint revitalize and moisturize dry hair.

In addition, it nourishes, moisturizes and supports the elasticity of the hair and provides a protective layer that improves the appearance of split ends.


2. The best mask for professional use

Argan oil moisturizing mask and deep arvazallia conditioner for dry or damaged hair. In addition, it is enriched with vitamins and nutrients.

The professional argan mask repairs, restores and strengthens weak, damaged and overprocessed hair to restore a healthy appearance, while promoting natural hair growth. This has been reported by 79% of the people who have acquired it.


3. The deepest conditioning mask

This mask for damaged dry hair has a concentration level of 3% pequi oil, an amount that has shown up to 34% reduction of frizz and 36% elasticity of curl when applied to hair.

In addition, with its properties such as Aloe Vera and others, you can neutralize the PH and give your hair a beautiful appearance.


4. Argan oil based hair mask

The argan oil mask is 100% organic, since it includes the highest quality ingredients, enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients. Among them are: almond oil, provitamin B-5 and hydrolyzed silk.

This mask is clinically proven and as an excellent deep conditioning therapy for hair treatment, as it dramatically improves texture and softness.


5. The best coconut-based mask

Carefully formulated with natural ingredients rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, in addition to its high coconut-based content, designed to restore moisture, promote softness and shine.

In addition, it offers a natural treatment for hair care. Also, it is moisturizing and restorative as it restores shine and nourishes the scalp damaged by excessive heat or chemicals.


6. Rejuvenating hair mask

Infusion of argan oil rich in vitamins, macadamia oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein and aloe vera. In addition, it uses the exclusive formula MRV3 Complex enriched with protein.

It moisturizes and rejuvenates hair treated with dyes, leaving it healthier, while giving it volume and greater color, elasticity and manageability.


7. Organic coconut oil hair mask

The coconut oil hair mask is produced with high quality cold pressed coconut oil and infused with organic and natural mineral extracts from the Dead Sea. It does not contain chemicals that damage the strands of your hair.

In addition, it detoxifies the scalp, cleaning debris and accumulation; penetrates deeply to promote hair growth.


8. Keratin hair mask

Integrated with keratin conditioning, Moroccan argan oil, natural herbal care and vitamin E. It also provides specialized ingredients for Frizz volume control.

In fact, the ultra-rich deep treatment leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy. In addition, it fights chemical, thermal and environmental damage to restore the vitality of curly, wavy, straight, short or long hair.

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