What is a Balayage ?

Balayage, a great option to give life and shine to your hair

If you still do not dare to make a total change of hair color, this technique will be an excellent alternative and much less aggressive than dyeing.

Balayage is a French technique that became fashionable in the 90s, with which a uniform distribution of light and brightness with color is achieved. It is an excellent option because it is not as aggressive as a discoloration in your hair.

The word 'balayage' means to sweep and it is precisely so, to sweep the color from the root to the tips, as a natural and luminous look is achieved that allows it to be very personalized and natural. This technique consists in lightening the hair with light reflections. It is very important to always choose one to three shades lighter than your base to maintain a natural and elegant appearance. It does not need heat or mistreat the hair like the coloring with foil, so the hair looks healthier and brighter.

 The 'balayage' allows you to work a hair contouring look, playing with two shades, even three, and bringing the brightest reflections to the contour of the oval of the face, in the place that most interests you to highlight volumes: forehead, cheekbones, chin.

 This technique is not aggressive, the stylist uses a brush with which the dye or bleach is applied to the strands and later a cotton is placed under each one so as not to stain the rest of the hair. Then the hair is covered with transparent film and allowed to act.

 Balayage does not require much maintenance, since it is a partial and temporary color technique. It ages very well over time and is naturally removed with shampoos. Ask for an appointment at the hairdresser every 3 months or so to do the touch-ups and boost the brightness of your color.

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